Nanovor Evolution

Nanovor Evolution - Free Online Battle Game

The online gaming craze is currently holding the world's attention and it shows no signs of letting up.  Staking a claim in this niche is the new, free, online battle game - Nanovor Evolution.  It allows kids to collect monsters and battle with them in an online arena.

The Nanovor story begins with Lucas Nelson, a kid scientist who discovers that tiny, alien-like creatures are infesting his computer.  He turns to his professor Doc Zap to learn what these creatures actually are.  That is when they discover they are called Nanovor.
The concept of Nanovor Evolution is simple.  Kids collect monsters either by leveling up their character or purchasing them with in-game currency called Nanocash.  They build a team based around their monsters and battle other players with their team.  The player with the best Nanovor team will win the battle.  That is just a simple breakdown of the game.  There are more advanced tactics but that will be for another time.
One of the cool things about the Nanovor you collect is the ability to evolve them over time.  What this means is that as you gain more experience through battling you can spend the Jolts you earn to level up your monsters.  This gives them more health, better armor, and stronger attacks.  Evolving your Nanovor is a key factor in surviving battle after battle.
You also have the option to take your online battle monsters into the offline world with the Nanovor Nanoscope.  Its a small, flash device that allows you to upload your Nanovor for to it.  You can then hook up with other players in the real world and connect Nanoscopes to battle it out against each others monsters.  It's a cool feature that adds a lot of re-playability to the game.